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Albert Oehlen & Julian Schnabel

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Since the 1980s, from both sides of the Atlantic, the artists Albert Oehlen and Julian Schnabel have continually questioned and reinvented painting with the help of conceptual strategies, an open approach to style, and a surprising use of found materials. They have been friends for three decades, and now, with this book they interconnect their current artistic positions and their shared past. Both known as major protagonists of a constant exploration of the process of painting, they deeply influenced and defined the art field since the 1980s, provoking a departure from painting as conventionally understood. With a chromatic spectrum consisting mainly of subtle variations of grey, including highlights of green, yellow and pink, the canvas’ surface of Albert Oehlen’s latest paintings witnesses a complex and intriguing process of overpainting. And, Schnabel’s works are characterised by a formal unity as each of them is populated by variations of lines and organic shapes.

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