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Antinori Winery

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In this wonderful edition, updated with a section about the different steps of winemaking and the history of Sangiovese, the book explains the Antinori winery project, located in the extraordinary hilly landscape covered by vineyards of Chianti, halfway between Florence and Siena. The conceptual theme of this project has taken the form of a shell that is wholly below ground, without roofs, walls, streets and parking spaces. It is precisely the story of the constant research of the indispensable connection between architecture and landscape, which represents the fulcrum on which the whole volume pivots. Hundreds of photographs have immortalized years of work on the building site, telling the story of all the phases that have made it possible to realize this extraordinary project. The images, along with numerous technical drawings on every scale, critical and descriptive texts, illustrate the design process which has led to the construction of a new landscape.

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