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Azimut/H: Continuity And Newness

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The catalogue of Azimuth/h: Continuity and Newness exhibition held in Guggenheim, is published by Marsilio Editori in Italian and English; it documents and extends the exhibition itself, with more than 600 pages of scholarship, plates, comparative imagery, unpublished materials, and reproductions of periodical literature, being the research conducted for the exhibition, and a series of essays covering different aspects by Luca Massimo Barbero, Flaminio Gualdoni, Antoon Melissen, Francesca Pola and Federico Sardella. The exhibition has also brought to life Azimuth/h’s short but intense story, which was characteristic of the internationalization of contemporary art following World War II; it reconstructed the fundamental role played by Azimut/h and the revolutionary new generation of creative spirits that it brought together in a panorama of experimental and new art in Italy and Europe.

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