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Car Racing 1966

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Founded in 1965, the DPPI (Diffusion Presse Photo International) is the longest-running sport photography agency. The year the DPPI established marked the golden age in motorsport, and thus, many of the brand’s early projects focused on the world of automobiles and early sports cars. However, its focus spanned beyond the cars themselves and into the day-to-day experiences of drivers and racing teams both on the road and on the track. Car Racing 1966 marks the second volume of the DPPI’s collection, which highlights some of the most iconic cars of all-time like the Ford GT 40, Alpine, Ferraris, BRM, Lotus, Mini Cooper and more. This curated selection of photographs from DPPI’s vaults alongside commentary from the photographers and members of the agency spans over 200 pages and serves as a stunning collection of these exceptional machines and the people who drive them.

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