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Franz Erhard Walther: Manifestations

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Franz Erhard Walther, completed his education where Karl Otto Götz was his teacher and Gerhard Richter and Sigmar Polke were among his fellow students, is a German sculptor and creator of conceptual, installation, and process-based art whose work often stands in relation to his, or the beholder’s, body. For four decades, Walther designed artist’s posters, a genre that has become an anachronism in our contemporary digital world. The artist’s poster had its heyday in the era of art nouveau, classic modernism, and Pop Art. Yet despite the ascent of new media, virtually all artists of note to this day produce posters as well, and Franz Erhard Walther is no exception. This book is the first to gather his extensive output in the format in a single volume, rounded out by a wide-ranging survey of his designs and artist’s books. With interesting essays, this book provides insight into the influential artist’s work.

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