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Louise Bourgeois: Blue Days And Pink Days

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“My goal is to re-experience a past emotion… to relive anxiety anxiety is a passive state, and the object is to be active and take control,” states the venerable Louise Bourgeois about her practice, which has spanned more than 60 years and a variety of media. This beautifully produced, limited-edition book is a rare glimpse at over 40 of Bourgeois’ works, mostly drawings from a private Swiss collection, which are richly reproduced and juxtaposed with excerpts from her journal. The diary entries highlight Bourgeois’ method of mining her past as part of her practice, but the work itself draws heavily from an impressive breadth of historical and contemporary art. These works, produced from 1939 to 2002, also provide a new look at the evolution of one of this century’s most important artists, who has never stopped being innovative and inspiring to her peers. Her defiance in the face of all of twentieth-century art movements is legendary.

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