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No Smoking

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Imagine Audrey Hepburn conquering New York without a cigarette (or that absurdly long cigarette holder). Would Jackson Pollock, Bob Fosse, W.H. Auden, or Edward R. Murrow have flourished in a smoke-free city? Can you imagine Groucho Marx without a cigar? Do you remember that a few years ago smoking was allowed in airplanes? Can you tell when New York stopped smoking? In the not so distant past, posing seductively with a cigarette was de rigueur for Hollywood types. How many celebrities today dare to even hold one? No Smoking is a tribute to the 20th century, a century that created, promoted and glorified the cigarette and then suddenly declared war on it. Luc Sante’s writings were appeared in the New York Review of Books, also many sections of the New York Times, Harper’s, Granta, The Village Voice, Artforum, Bookforum, Vogue, The American Scholar, High Times, Cabinet, many more.

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