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Osamu Yokonami: 1000 Children

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Seen all together, the neutral expressions on the faces of 1000 children captured by Yokonami begin to betray their underlying emotions, and the near-identical composition of each photo unmasks the vibrant individuality inherent in each child. Osamu dressed the children identically in order to bring their expressions and personality to the surface, achieving a more than satisfactory result. He decided to photograph them with an orange between their shoulder and ear. And he revisited his enchantment with the number 1000, gained upon viewing the thousand gilded statues of Buddha which flank the statue of Kannon found within Sanjusangendo in Kyoto. Yokonami is a Japanese fashion and advertisement photographer mostly known for his Assembly series: group images where he photographed mostly girls, dressed identically, in breathtaking sceneries such as beaches and forests. This project, 1000 Children has gone viral before. The result is exquisite.

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