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Picasso: Toros y Toreros

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Many volumes have been published in the past on the subject of bullfighting, and yet more continue to appear. Few of these, however, can boast that they grew out of the friendship between a toreador and a painter – each a world-famous figure in his discipline, no less. This work was not Picasso’s first collaboration with the Editions Cercle d’Art, to whom he regularly entrusted his book projects. But every time, the artist was deeply involved at every level of their production. For Toros y Toreros, he authored the cover art, and it was he who created the title and half-title pages. The volume brings together three of his sketchbooks, produced in the course of a decade of assiduous attendance at the bullfights of Dominguin in the south of France. It was also Picasso’s idea to entrust the writing of the text to the bullfighter, who had become a close friend over the years, and refusing to provide him with any instructions or guidelines whatsoever.

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