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Piet Paris: Fashion Illustrations

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Piet Paris’ gift is to be able to stylise the frivolous. His work derives its power from the balance between the outer line and what it contains. “Illustration is such a beautiful way of telling about my all-time love affair with fashion”, he admits. And so each of his artworks is presented as a valentine. With 115 illustrations this book shows us Piet Paris’ powerful images of fashion from the nineties until now. His illustrations are colourful compositions of beauty, humour and intelligence that capture the essence of fashion in timeless works of art. Fashion illustrator Piet Paris has been working for magazines and corporate clients all over the world for more than twenty years. Paris developed a technique that makes his work unique in its multi-layeredness and vigorous composition. Besides making illustrations, with his studio, Studio Piet Paris, he also designs products, on commission as well as under its own label.

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