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The Jewellery Box

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Jorunn Veiteberg has been wearing jewelry with a passion ever since she was a teenager. Covering nearly fifty years, her collection contains some 550 items, including work by 210 jewelry artists from thirty different countries, some by unknown craftspeople, some even mass-produced. Conventional forms live side by side with experimental objects, and political statements mingle with humorous asides. It is this collection that makes up this book. It deals with how Veiteberg became a collector, why she focused on art jewelry, and what it can do for us. It’s a personal story, but at the same time the volume is a contribution to the recent history of crafts, one which expands our understanding of jewelry. Art historian Jorunn Veiteberg is one of the most renowned curators and authors in the field of applied art. Now, for the very first time, the public is granted access to the entire collection in The Jewellery Box.

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