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The World of Gilbert & George

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This book publishes the complete text of the pair’s only feature-length film (released in 1981). This book includes all instructions, as well as 900 or so drawings visualising every scene and shot in the film. This extraordinary publication takes the reader on a picaresque voyage through the artists’ world. Above all, their own vision of their immediate environment in London’s East End. It is a world of extremes, taking in the beauty of nature and the urban landscape, sex and eroticism, religion and spirituality, drunkenness and degradation, fear and human aggression, raucous humour and poetry. Wide in its range of imagery, moods and themes, it functions as a statement of their beliefs. It also acts as a kind of blueprint for much of the art they were to make over the next twenty years. The drawings are reproduced are painted with brushes and a pre-war supply of blue-black ink, the drawings have a lively economy and energy.

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